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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I know on past blogs you have written greatly of religion. I have had an experience lately that I was hopoing you might be able to blog about and help me with. I had a young teenager come into my office on June 6 and tell me that the world was going to end and she was so upset. I had heard the whole 666 thing, but didn’t know it was connected to the end of the world as we know it (And I feel fine). She told me all the confussing and mostly inaccurate things she had heard from friends and a rival blogsite. I did my best to calm her and we talked religion. I was trying to be as religion neutral as possible as I don’t believe we should influence others in those matters, but also to be as honest about them as possible (Only through truth shall we find enlightenment!). The thing she had the most trouble with was the trinaty. I tried to explain the whole one in the same idea and all that, but she kept saying that since it was God who created Jesus in Mary, Jesus could not therefor be God. I was not really sure how to explain it. Could you assist me with that? Also, since the books of the New Testiment were written by the Appostiles, or attributed to them, does that mean that they wrote them, or did God? I realize that is a fine line of distinction, but one I feel needs to be drawn.

    If you are able and willing to help me with those questions I’d appreciate it.

    Thank you,

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  3. I sure wish people would remember that our new President is more white then Black. He is 50% white and then a mixture of Muslin and Black.

    Everyone seems to want to call him a Black President. I would prefer to call him a white President. He is spending our money left and right. $150 million for an inaugeration that Bush did for $35 million. His Wife’s interior decorator is the same one who was paid over $800,000 to redecorate the CEO of Merrill Lynch’s Office. They are having dinner parties, drinks left and right in the midst of a Depression. That’s right. We are in a depression – not a recession. More people will lose their jobs. The stimulous package is a joke.

    Do your homework and study. Someone needs to. Too much wining and dining at our expense.

    God help us!

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